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English Keyboard Labels for Desktop & Laptop Computers

Highly Durable, Reversed Printed So Letters Do Not Fade

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Install in minutes. Lasts for years.


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Keyboard Replacement Labels

Replace worn text on computer keycaps with our Alphanumeric Replacement Labels. These stickers are an easy, affordable solution to make your keyboard look like new.

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Large Print Keyboard Stickers

These Keyboard Labels are a perfect solution for creating an easy to see keyboard for the visually impaired or for use in low light situations. The die-cut self-adhesive stickers feature a simple peel and stick installation.

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Language Labels are available in clear stickers to convert any keyboard into a bilingual keyboard. Some languages are also available in opaque bilingual styles.

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Custom Keyboard Stickers can take on many forms. From self-adhesive stickers that are die-cut to a specific shape, to large face plates and logo stickers.

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They can be a very cost effective solution to creating color-coded keyboards to aid in data entry.

Our Protective Desktop and Laptop Keyboard Covers are perfect accessories to seal keyboards from germs, spills, dirt, sand, moisture, and other contaminants. They can be easily cleaned and disinfected without removing them from the keyboard making them very useful for medical application or any use which requires a clean, germ-free keyboard. 

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